Vegan Black Rice Sushi Recipe

For those of you who love sushi and spicy food, and follow a plant-based diet, this recipe is a nice twist on the regular white or brown rice veggie rolls that we are used to getting or making.

Simple Feel-Good Homemade Nutella Recipe (Vegan + GF)

The chocolate spread recipe below only uses 4 ingredients and does not use any added sugar. It is extremely simple and quick to make, and will, for sure, satisfy your craving for the delicious spread.

Holiday Sangria Recipe! Ole!

Sangria for the Holidays? Really? you may ask?  Yep but not quite your traditional sangria.  This one will bring some festive vibes to your party.  In addition to the usual fruit suspects (apples and oranges), pomegranate and cinnamon steal the show in this amazing (and super easy) recipe.

Pomegranate and Honey Mulled Wine Recipe

Very easy and simple recipe for a variation of the traditional mulled wine, using an in-season surprising ingredient: the pomegranate.  This warm beverage includes pomegranate juice as well as honey.  A beverage of choice that will please the crowds when it is chilly outside!

Makeup Remover DIY (Because You Deserve to Know What You Put on Your Face)

Extremely easy makeup remover DIY, with ingredients that are, of course, natural, and organic.
There are many reasons why I ended up making my own makeup remover instead of buying it, and these reasons might (hopefully) make you decide to do the same. Check out this very simple but very good makeup remover recipe