Easiest and Most Delicious French Baguette Ever

This is the most surprisingly easy recipe for French baguette that I have ever tried and seen in my entire life! Now you might say that “easy” doesn’t mean “good” or “authentic” at all, but…  it has been tested by the French Connection (including myself as well as the fam) here in San Diego and it was unanimously approved!

French Alpine Hot Cocoa Recipe

Delicious and unique warm drink (for both vegans and non-vegans) that combines an old traditional European hot chocolate recipe and a delicious and surprising ingredient.  The beverage is enhanced with Chartreuse liqueur!

Easy and Delicious Ginger Beer Recipe

Making Ginger Beer at home is actually fairly simple and will allow you to save a bundle of money compared to the store-bought one.  In addition, you will know exactly what was put in your drink, as well as experiencing the satisfaction of having it made yourself!

Homemade Trader Joe’s Organic Toasted Coconut Granola

Do it yourself Trader Joe’s Organic Toasted Coconut Granola. Easy-to-make, quick GF, vegan recipe, for a delicious and addictive granola that will perfectly pair any breakfast bowl, including açaí.

Açaï Breakfast Bowl Recipe

This Açaï Bowl Breakfast Recipe recipe is very easy to put together (you can have the ingredients ready in advance) and will get you all the nutrients to get through your busy morning.